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Andrew Light: Gear

The following are my impressions of various instruments and gear brands, both vintage and modern, I have owned and used live and on record. More to come...


Guild Starfire 1967, 1968, 1970.
In my top favorite guitars of all time. They are among the only great vintage 1960's guitars that are still affordable. Great vintage tone that rivals old Gibsons, but with more high end twang. Kind of like Gretsch meets Gibson. My main instrument for several years was a '67 Starfire V with Bigsby which I finally sold to one of my students, a great player named Dave Marion.

Gretsches may well be the coolest guitars ever, and they sound like pure rock gold.

Bad Cat
I will forever regret selling my circa 2000 Cub 15R 1x12 combo. It was just an unbelievable piece of gear and I got some of my favorite tones ever out of it. I forget why I even sold it which adds to my pain. Probably to fund my studio. I played the Meadowlands/Giants Stadium twice and the first time I brought my '63 Bassman head and 2x12 combo. The second time I went with the most diminutive backline you could imagine on that giant stage playing a concert with Kansas - a lone 15 watt Bad Cat Cub. Looked pretty funny compared to Kansas' giant backline but it rocked!

I've owned several and they're great. Newports with bigsby are especially cool.

Great guitars. I had a Polaris Pro for years and it was a great instrument. I recently had a Taurus Standard and it had such a big, smoky sound. It is a visually stunning instrument and has amazing construction values. I have used my McInturffs to judge other high end guitars against...and consider their construction to be truly in their own class, especially fretwork.

Fender Amps
After my trusty Marshall JCM800 blew up at a gig on tour (halfway through our first - and last - song of the night) I ended up becoming a Fender guy for roughly the next decade plus. I bought a Hot Rod Deville for the road and played roughly 1000 shows on it without one single problem. GREAT AMP that, pound for pound, is probably the best amp in the world for the price. At least mine was. Don't know how they're making them now, but mine was a '96.

When I got paid for producing some records in the late 90's I went out and immediately bought a 1963 Fender Bassman head and cab, which I still have. Skip Simmons of Dixon, CA tuned it up and it is a cool vintage amp. Guitars that have sounded devastating through it include: a '67 Guild Starfire, Gretsch 6120's, a Fret King Ventura w/ P90's, and my McInturff Polaris Pro.

Within a year of getting it I also bought a mint condition 1964 Fender Super Reverb, which I also still have.

more to come...

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